What Is Thrive

Thrive is a product line made by Le-Vel. It consists of

​5 all natural, plant based, No GMO, gluten free, nutritional health enhancing products, which are all individually packaged making them very portable and super simple to take. We love this because there is no such thing as a want to combine or measure or set reminders to take them.

Just wake up, take 2 of the Capsules than 20-40 minutes later drink the Way of life mix shake and apply the DFT.

Thrive Premium Life-style Capsules are designed for Males and Women.

They will start your time without work with a bang and supply your body with everything it needs to carry out at its best.

The Premium Life-style Capsules are designed to take as quickly as you wake up on an empty stomach.

The Thrive Capsules are an all natural, premium naturopathic formulation of Vitamins, Minerals, Plant Extracts, Anti-Oxidants, Enzymes, Pro-Biotics, and Amino Acids and is the primary & only Ultra Premium Formula ever developed.

Weight Administration

Cognitive Performance

Joint Help

Irritation Help

Anti-Growing older & Antioxidant Mix

Lean Muscle Assist

Digestive & Immune Support

Thrive Premium Way of life Shake Combine is designed to complement the Premium

​Way of life Capsules and should be taken 20-forty minutes after your take the capsules.

Ultra Micronized

Nutrient Mineral Dense Formula

Probiotic & Enzyme Mix

Antioxidant & Extract Blend

Lean Muscle Support

Weight Administration or Fitness

Gluten Free

THRIVE Premium Lifestyle DFT™. is a technology pushed breakby way of in Health, Wellness, and Weight Administration and is to be utilized proper after you drink the Thrive Shake.

The Thrive DFT™ Patch components rockets the metabolic rate, promoting clean, healthy weight administration, without aiding in muscle breakdown or deterioration, like a majority of weight reduction products available.

The THRIVE Premium DFT™ is the icing on the cake. Using the DFT patch in conjunction with THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Capsule & the THRIVE Premium Way of life Shake Mix completes the THRIVE eight Week Experience. You will expertise ultra premium results, unrivaled with regard to Nutrition, Weight Management, and Fitness.

Weight Management

Mental Clarity

Appetite Control

Derma Fusion Technology

Metabolic Assist

All Natural Time Release


THRIVE Activate is core nutrition stimulation – designed and formulated to activate your core – giving your body the premium nutrition it needs, while supporting clean healthy energy, clarity, and performance.

These enhanced mental and physical ranges are perfect for athletes, fitness lovers, busy Moms and Dads, or anyone that has an active lifestyle.

Sustained Energy & Performance

Mental Clarity

Immune Support

Free Radical Help

Activated Delivery System

THRIVE Balance is a premium approach to your daily digestive lifestyle.

Thrive Balance supports your total digestive system, immune system, intestinal commonity, improves nutrient absorption, and improves weight management.

Balance also helps reduce toxins, pollution and improve your body’s naturally generated energy and will drastically reduce bloat to help achieve a flatter more toned stomach.

Digestive Support

Weight Management

Improves Nutrition Absorption

Immune Help

Metabolic Support

Intestinal Support

THRIVE Enhance is the only nutritional beverage of its kind. This berry flavored, premium greens beverage is the proper addition to the Thrive Experience product line and to your day by day lifestyle.

The ph-balancing mix of botanical herbs, probiotics, enzymes, fruits, vegetables, and super green grasses makes for a phytonutrient dense beverage. BOOST is designed to help alkalize and energize your system with every serving, leading to enhanced energy ranges, detox & cleansing support, immune help, free radical assist, and ph degree support.

Thrive Move is another innovation nutritional supplementation, and an exciting addition to the Thrive Plus line – Sublingual Gel Technology.

Move is a premium gel system that offers the body essential nutrients needed to offer joint assist, joint lubrication, inflammation support, flexibility help, and mobility support. MOVE is ideal for anybody desirous to help premium joint health and carry out at peak levels.

Joint Assist

Joint Lubrication

Inflammation Help

Flexibility Support

Mobility Support

Thrive Relaxation is one other innovation nutritional supplementation, and an exciting addition to the Thrive Plus line – Sublingual Gel Technology.

Rest is a premium gel components that helps sleep health, giving the body essential vitamins needed to offer improved sleep patterns, rest support, stress & stress support and a calming effect. REST is a dual action formula that works to assist the body not only go to sleep, however stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.

Improved Sleep Patterns

Rest Assist

Stress & Tension Help

Calming Forumla