Ways to Make Money From AJ Classified V4 Website

Classified Ads, one of the most over-looked form of advertising, is an effective means of expressing ideas and exchanging information related to product promotion. Online Classifieds website offers the opportunity for site users to post their ads on a webpage or to access the ads posted by others. This enables displaying of all the information on the webpages in a fraction of a second to the user.

Classified Ads websites provide vast information, accurate and well-structured in various categories such as auto classified, real estate classified, pet classified, service classified, job classified, event classified and many more which are easy to access. Classifies ads web business is very profitable, easy to maintain and is one of the most sought out internet business. It can be run successfully by means of a proper software.

AJ Classifieds Software is a professionally developed PHP Classifieds script that was built with you - the site owner - in mind and to assist you in generating income from your website. It has been developed with all the features that a classifieds website user will demand from a good classifieds website which in turn are the features that a site administrator would like to build his site around.

Ways to make money from AJ Classified V4 Website

Paid Service:

If you have a classified website with good rank and popularity then you can directly charge users for their ads. Just because of reputation of your website they will pay you. What if you have a good classified website which is just started? In this case you can offer some additional services like publishing the ads on home page of the site and charge the users accordingly based on the service rendered to them. AJ Classifieds V4 has inbuilt modules for all these features. These exclusive features will help in attracting initial postings for the site which could be later turned to productive income options.


Membership is another form of earning money through classifieds website. Basically members can be allowed for free registration at preliminary stages to boost the site popularity. Premium membership can be made available for the free members at a suitable charge which can be differentiated by the additional services that is offered to them. Using the already available settings, the administrator can configure the various features differentiating the paid membership from that of free membership. All this will in turn encourage the users to upgrade their membership through which the admin can earn money and keep his other related earning options open as well.

Ad Categories and Events:

Administrator has the privilege to set the fees for different parent categories and child categories. By this facility, administrator can identify the most sought after categories and fix his fees suitably so as to reap good income from that. Similarly, administrator can set the fees for the events that are posted in the website. Through these two ways administrator can make earning possible through postings in the site. He can strategize his plans accordingly to switch between free and paid modes of the categories and events.

AJ Classifieds V4 is the advanced Turnkey Classifieds Ad Software and enables you to create your own Local Classifieds Website in minutes. Site: