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In this sense, the purpose of this study was to carry out competitive analysis between UAE and not only major Middle East countries and but also Global countries using Porter’s Diamond model. The result is that there are differences about action and articulation but little differences of effect to the life-world between SNS and mUC. Implications based on the key findings are as follow: First, the multicultural acceptability in the experimental group was not significantly high, which indicates the need to find the ways to enhance tourism and hospitality-majoring students’ multicultural acceptability and awareness. This study was conducted in an attempt to determine the factors that cause excessive daytime sleepiness among 927 subway station employees located in Seoul. This study proposes the operation of programs that can improve the physical environment, change the organizational system and increase satisfaction with the organizational culture among station employees in order that they can enjoy their hobby/leisure life and relieve job stress so that they can avoid excessive daytime sleepiness. Factors that affect excessive daytime sleepiness were hobby and leisure activities, satisfaction with the organization, physical environment, job demand, job autonomy, organizational system and organizational culture, showing a 20.5% explanatory power. Workplace and satisfaction with the organization made a significant difference in job-related characteristics, and physical environment, job demand, job autonomy, relationship conflicts, organizational system, inappropriate compensation, and organizational culture made a statistically significant difference in job stress factors

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