Know About Crooked Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure performed on the nose.

So if you observe any kind of deformity on your nose or if anyone has developed a deformity in the nose on account of an accident etc. then rhinoplasty is a medical procedure which can help in getting the nose back to shape.

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Nose reshaping is also another term that is used for this procedure. Mainly anything that is got to do with structuring the nose in the way you want it to look is what rhinoplasty involves. It also helps in solving any breathing problems that one encounters due to the shape or blockage in the nose.

The word rhinoplasty is derived from the word named “rhinoplastik” which is a German word and mainly means changing the shape of the nose.

This procedure accesses the cartilage and the bone in the nose and works around them.

An incision is made which is invisible later. Therefore, the nasal structure can be altered for enhanced support to the overall structure of the face.

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