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A 'second chance' for NFL's Ray Rice not out of the question

This week’s playoff run glued some of the biggest names on Wall Street and finance to their TVs, laptops or smartphones for Thursday night’s clinching divisional series win against the Dodgers. thoroughbred racing’s Triple Crown. Even if you’ve never placed a live bet on the ponies, or if you consider pitting highly inbred animals against […]...

Taxi, Minicab & Shuttle

With an attentive private driver nice ready for you on the airport, you’ll be picked up at your arrival and might be delivered to the destination of your choice. Many Paris taxi drivers do not converse English, however we’ve seen this start to change over the previous few year. French courtesy means that you need […]...

Sunday Shopping Vs Spending Sundays On Church And Quality Time With Family

Swiss Laces, Print Wax, Head ties, and kaftans. Carries a variety of Swiss Voile laces, African laces, African wax prints, Aso-oke, and head wraps. This is your go to store for low to medium, genuine made in Italy footwear with matching bag for girls, prime quality premium Swiss Voile Lace, organza lace fabrics, and quality […]...