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And he later finds out that the Russian have retreated however Colorado has lost five sailors. He may need been attacked for locating data for Kylie, as she needed to know who gave Illinois the command to sink Colorado. Later, on the bar Shepard gets mad at James even when he is the one who saved her life, and in DC, Kylie’s buddy in marine clever is unconscious. James denies helping after they ask him about the best way to ward off Special Forces intruders. Later James saves Shepard, who’s about to get killed. Chaplin thinks that it came there to drop the Special Forces to get hold of the complete island; due to this fact, Sam Kandal comes up with a particular pressure workforce as Chaplin decides to stay on the NATO radar station. While at the radar station, the male NATO techie Nigel then asks Chaplin about the communications from a Ukrainian container ship which were being obtained by the intruders on the island, which is stationed near the island.

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