Build A Watch Winder Safe Anyone Would Be Proud Of

Using WiFi you can control the safe with the iPad off the dock as well. You can also apparently hook up the Hublot Safe to your home security system. To start, the Hublot Safe is 180 kilograms in weight. The mostly steel safe is like a large outer cylinder with an inner rotating cylinder. That rotating cylinder has two sides of winders with the capacity to wind 42 watches. A single watch winder can be a good option if you only have one automatic watch or own two automatic watches that you switch back and forth between. One major reason for this is that winding minutes per day are as important as winding turns per day. There are hardly any movements which need more than 1000 turns per day. Our recommendation: set the mounting angle of the motor/watch position at more than 65°, 70-90° is even better. We have established that a mounting angle of less than 65° is not optimal for some watches.

A cool function is the ability to indicate precisely what each watch is and where it goes to have it receive the right amount of turns per day. Using a slip clutch in the winding mechanism the watch is not damaged if there are more than 1000 turns per day, but it is under a minimum amount of excess wear which I regard as insignificant. The features of these products often stop working after a short time or have a large amount of background noise. We would like to mention a few Chronovision watch winder safe box winders here (made in Germany): MTE WTS4 series, S1 Deluxe and watch winders from Elma as well as the Swiss products Swiss Kubik and Underwood. This stunning watch winder is certainly geared towards the tastes of those who like traditional luxury products. We have luxury watches from Rolex, Omega and other brands. Faced with a large choice of watch winders now available on the market, it’s not easy to find a watch winder which can fulfil the expectations of luxury watches collectors. Not every movement can be wound in a particular direction which is why all notable manufacturers of watch winders use technology with right hand and left hand motion and intermittent operation (a sequence of winding and rest periods).

When choosing rotation settings for your watch winder, you can usually find the proper TPD for your particular automatic timepiece in the user’s guide. One of the best things about this watch winder is the 12 settings. Finding the right settings for the watch winder can involve a bit of simple math. It’s nice to keep your watch at the right time, the right date, the right moon phase etc. Please note: the more complicated the watch, the more time and effort it will cost to reset the watch. Bottom line: If you want to be sure that your watches always keep perfect time, you have to choose the right watch winder. Examples are the MTE WTS4 series and S1 Deluxe etc. The third and newest generation of watch winders have oscillation technology – the watch simply swings back and forth. Cheap Chinese watch winders often use very adventurous technology which is liable to break down and is proven not to last very well. There are very few branded manufacturers whose production actually takes place in Europe, for example Elma, MTE, S1 Deluxe (Germany), Swiss Kubik (Switzerland) and Underwood (Switzerland, leatherworking from Italy) as well as Orbita (company based in Germany, produced in Austria and the USA).

In contrast to German or Austrian produced watch winders, which have a ball bearing mounted drive mechanism, use very economical gear motors whose running properties are very quiet and long lasting, Chinese watch winders use cheap, high speed motors which have cheaper plastic gears or belts which reduce the rotational speed and often must also wind multiple watches at the same time. A fun and stimulating example is the Hublot Safe produced by watch winder and safe maker Dottling. I included the image here of the safe with Markus Dottling and Jean-Claude Biver of Hublot to show you the size scale of the safe. The Hublot safe isn’t just a safe and a watch winder – but also a stereo. There is an iPad dock at the top of the safe that is used to control all of the safe’s functions as well as unlock it. In all other ways, the unit was very interesting in its method of operation and very well constructed. The cuff is very well locked into the rotator drum to ensure a secure fit.