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American lawyer Bradley Edwards made it his life’s mission on behalf of countless young Female Pills & Potions victims to put Jeffrey Epstein behind bars. Following the billionaire paedophile’s death, he has written a book, All Natural , stories from which we are summarising. Last week, Leg Avenue sex toys we told how teenager Virginia Roberts’s life was devastated after Epstein introduced her to Prince Andrew. Here, Better Anal Sex we recount the book’s shocking claims about the complicity of Ghislaine Maxwell…

The ‘tradwife’ movement leading the backlash against… Best friends quit their high-flying jobs and Glass Dildos sold their… Friend of Christine Keeler reveals Profumo scandal model… Experts reveal EVERYONE has an ‘inner madwoman’ who…

Rachel has now claimed she will never buy from Amazon again after seeing their lack of ‘urgency’ – as the product’s appearance under such search terms had initially been flagged last year but remained online.

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